Sharing Risk to Guarantee Returns

Commodity Marketing Excellence (CME) is a unique commodities trading company with expertise including but not limited to the seaborne trade of nickel ore, coal, concentrates, salt and woodchips.
Unlike other trading companies CME partners with its clients to not only improve their ability to market and maximise price but to minimise financial and safety risks. Mitigated risks then translate into improved profit margins.

Marketing Excellence

CME will assist in the matching of buyers and sellers of commodities.  With strong links in the markets of China, Japan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam and with its headquarters in Singapore the company is ideally positioned for trade in the Asian market.
With an enviable depth of expertise and networks available throughout the world the company has leading knowledge available to achieve an optimised outcome for its clients.

Technical Excellence

Unlike other commodity marketing groups CME has strong technical skills at hand.  The application of these skills in parallel with the company’s core marketing skills can unlock further value for the client.  For example, CME can deploy engineering skills on your team to evaluate opportunities to further refine the product. This can have a positive effect on your business, including:

  • opening up access to larger markets
  • improved returns on investment
  • improved quality and safety of your shipment. 

CME Consultants work extensively throughout Asia and are experienced in managing operations in challenging tropical conditions. 

The company has developed innovative technologies and solutions to reduce moisture content of cargoes prior to shipping.  This results in an increased price per tonne and reduces shipping costs and risks.  Your organisation can benefit from this experience in a long lasting manner as knowledge is imparted into you team.

No Fee for Service

Clients who wish to avail themselves of CME’s expertise will generally not be charged a fee for service. Instead CME will become a customer of the client and purchase the product on agreed terms.  This gives the seller security as they have a guaranted price for the shipment and in the process will improve the efficiency of their operations.